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Unleashed: A Dog's Life | Table Scraps

Table Scraps

To give or not to give, that seems to be the question. What table scraps are good or bad to give to our dogs? It’s a conversation most dog owners will have at least once while they own a pup. The answer might actually vary depending on the type and age of your four-legged friend. We went to the experts to get some clarity on the topic in this edition of Unleashed.

Premiere Date: August 22, 2019 | Runtime: 00:05:06

About Unleashed: A Dog's Life

“Unleashed: A Dog’s Life” is a new show from GPB that covers all things dogs. From training tips to making treats, the show covers everything from A to Z of dog ownership and dog life. It’s for current dog owners or just the everyday dog lover. It will showcase hero dogs and canine trends and every dog in between - and of course lots of puppy pictures.