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37 Weeks | Week 16 (August 4 - August 10)

Week 16 (August 4 - August 10)

It is the first week of August, 1864. Thus far, Sherman has been halted repeatedly, prompting him to aim a cannon into Atlanta to drive the enemy out. Martha Powell writes of her family having to flee as Sherman invades. One of the first civilians to die during Sherman’s siege is Solomon Luckie, a free African American who is struck on the corner of Whitehall and Alabama Streets on August ninth.

Premiere Date: August 3, 2014 | Runtime: 00:01:45

About 37 Weeks

37 Weeks tells the story of Sherman's march on Atlanta. Each segment does more than just outline a military campaign - these stories make us feel and understand the human dimension of war. What did it feel like when Sherman's army - 100 thousand strong - was bearing down on your town or city? What was motivating Sherman's fateful decisions? These are among the stories being explored.