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37 Weeks | Week 19 (August 25 - August 31)

Week 19 (August 25 - August 31)

Sherman’s five-week attempt to fire Atlanta into submission isn’t working. With the Confederate army controlling the Macon Railroad, the siege is a stalemate. In the North, President Lincoln fears losing re-election if he is beaten, the war not won. On August 26, Atlanta residents awaken to a deafening silence. Union lines are empty: Sherman is gone, but no one knows what his next move will be.

Premiere Date: August 24, 2014 | Runtime: 00:01:45

About 37 Weeks

37 Weeks tells the story of Sherman's march on Atlanta. Each segment does more than just outline a military campaign - these stories make us feel and understand the human dimension of war. What did it feel like when Sherman's army - 100 thousand strong - was bearing down on your town or city? What was motivating Sherman's fateful decisions? These are among the stories being explored.