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A Seat at the Table

Emmy-nominated A Seat at the Table is the first talk show led by an all African-American female cast. This show gives voice to issues from diverse experiences, perspectives and challenges. A Seat at the Table breaks through the silence and gives African-American women a voice; a loud and clear voice.

For generations, black women have gathered around kitchen tables sharing insights, feelings and wisdom -- always wisdom. These thoughtful and informed voices are so rarely heard or fully articulated.

Until now…

A Seat at the Table is a weekly series hosted by intelligent, outspoken, unapologetic African-American women. They say what’s on their minds. Their unique perspectives are brought to life through candid conversations about national news, family, kids, careers, medicine, sexuality, finance, beauty, fashion and relationships… Or darn well whatever is on their minds.

The mission of A Seat at the Table is to let African-American women have a platform to educate communities about the black woman’s experience, life and journey.