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On Second Thought Episodes

In Early 2016 GPB's radio programs moved to a new site. Listed below is content that was created prior to the transition to Please click here to access the latest news from On Second Thought.

Kwanzaa's History | Foster Care Abuse | The Breakroom

Where did Kwanzaa come from? Host Celeste Headlee gets a history lesson from Georgia State University's African American Studies Department Chair Akinyele Umoja. Plus, a look at the foster care system in Georgia, and our Breakroom reflects on some of the biggest stories of 2015.

December 18, 2015

Being Krampus | "Uber" For Lawyers | Representing Minority Voters

What does it takes to become Santa’s nasty counterpart, Krampus? We talk to Jed Drummond, who’s playing the titular character in this year’s “Krampus Xmas” at 7 Stages Theatre. Plus, for some communities in Georgia, having access to a lawyer isn't so easy. The State Bar of Georgia says there are a handful of communities where one isn't even available.

December 17, 2015

Artists Against Police Brutality | Schools & Business | Artists Who Own

A creative anthology called “Artists Against Police Brutality” takes a stand against violence at the hands of law enforcement and features a collection of comic strips, flash fiction, and essays from artists and writers across the country. Plus, a co-founder of Athens-based Umano Clothing tells us about their business model, which involves artwork created by schoolchildren.

December 16, 2015

"Soul Food" 20 Years On | Savannah's Next Mayor | Southern Writers

With songs like “Cell Therapy” “Thought Process” and “Live at the O.M.N.I”, hip hop group Goodie Mob’s debut album came to represent the voice of an underrepresented black population in Atlanta. 20 years later, that album’s message still stands. Plus, after heated debates and a long campaign season, Eddie DeLoach won Savannah’s mayoral election last week in a runoff against incumbent Edna Jackson.

December 15, 2015

Flashbangs And Law Enforcement | Forgotten Women | A Safer I-285

Flashbangs are used by SWAT teams when they're conducting a raid and want to incapacitate people. Unfortunately, flashbangs have injured a number of innocent people across the country, including in Georgia. Host Celeste Headlee speaks with Mario Williams, the lawyer for a woman whose legs were burned by a flashbang, and SWAT trainer James Fairfield about whether the use of these devices should be more limited.

December 14, 2015

Breakroom | Savannah's DEEP Center Honored | The Middle Class

The Breakroom panel talks about how some journalists are covering Donald Trump’s xenophobic remarks and whether Atlanta’s forthcoming billion dollar stadium will be worth it if draws a Superbowl to the city. Plus, the White House recently awarded Savannah’s Deep Center with National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award, the nation’s highest honor for youth arts programs.

December 11, 2015

ATL's Reality | How Diet Science Confuses Us | Civil War Prison In GA

Do shows like “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” or “Atlanta Plastic” accurately depict what it’s like to live and work in Atlanta? Plus, with all the scientific research about diets out there, how can consumers cut through all the noise to know what's healthy and what to avoid? Also, the sordid conditions of a Civil War prison located in Georgia.

December 10, 2015

One Year Of Atlanta Streetcar | Covering Black Deaths

The Atlanta Streetcar is coming up on its first birthday, so GPB reporter Sam Whitehead brings us a report card on how the transportation system is doing one year in. Plus, some of the year’s most controversial stories center on the deaths of African-Americans by law enforcement. But what hasn’t made headlines is the toll this coverage can take on the journalists who report these stories.

December 9, 2015

Craft Coffee's Appeal | GA's Housing Recovery | Disabling Disability Services

A coffee connoisseur takes us on a tour of some of Atlanta’s most successful craft coffee shops to show us why Georgia’s capital city is buzzing over special beans and brews. Plus, the housing crisis of several years ago left lots of homeowners facing foreclosure and many more with upside down mortgages. What’s the recovery look like today in Georgia?

December 8, 2015

Ma Rainey To MC Shy D: Oxford American's Georgia Music Issue

We’re dedicating the entire hour to the Oxford American Georgia Music Issue. Highlights includes songs and features about James Brown, Thomas Dorsey, Otis Redding, Killer Mike, OutKast, Ma Rainey, Sharon Jones and more.

December 7, 2015