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School Diversity | Predicting Mass Shooters | Police Misconduct

Are white parents choosing to keep their children out of majority-black schools? We discuss with AJC education blogger Maureen Downey and teacher Abby Norman. And we discuss the idea of a mass shooter profile with FBI Special Agent Andrew Vanepps and psychology professor Don Dutton. Plus, a look into police misconduct and who pays the settlement costs.

Full Show - December 3, 2015

A recent op-ed by a Georgia parent has set off a firestorm online about school choice. Abby Norman lives in DeKalb County and teaches in Fulton County. Norman, who is white, wrote an article for the Huffington Post critical of white parents who are choosing not to send their kids to public neighborhood schools that are “too black.” But are these decisions all racially motivated? Host Celeste Headlee talks with Norman and Atlanta Journal-Constitution education blogger Maureen Downey.

After the mass shooting by a couple in San Bernardino, relatives and neighbors of the alleged shooters are looking for signs to show they were planning on committing this act. Is there a mass shooter profile? Celeste speaks to Atlanta FBI Special Agent Andrew Vanepps about the challenges they face in trying to predict who will become active shooters. She also speaks to psychology professor Don Dutton, who researched the diaries and journals of some of the most infamous mass shooters.

And a number of high profile police shootings have been in the headlines in the past year. Many of these cases are handled through expensive law settlements, but who's paying? We talk to Northwestern University lecturer and retired Director of the Chicago Police Board Mark Iris about how taxpayer dollars foot the heavy price of police misconduct.