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Ashley Diamond | "Underground Astronaut" | 1991 Atlanta Braves

Transgender woman Ashley Diamond has been released from a Georgia prison after claims of abuse while in custody. She tells us what she's been doing since being released, and why she's suing the state. Plus, we talk to one of the "underground astronauts" who found human-like skeletal remains in a South African cave. And we learn why the 1991 Atlanta Braves were possibly part of the best World Series ever played.

Full Show-September 17, 2015

A warning to our listeners: Our first segment contains language about violence that may be difficult for some to hear.

Ashley Diamond is a transgender woman in Georgia who was recently let out of prison after claims she was abused by other inmates and denied her hormone treatment by prison officials. Her case prompted the Justice Department to order that gender dysphoria be treated like any other medical condition, but Diamond’s fight isn’t yet over. She and her attorney, Chinyere Ezie of the Southern Poverty Law Center, join Celeste Headlee to talk about their next legal battle and how correctional facilities can fairly meet the needs of transgender inmates.

And two years ago, Hannah Morris and a team of scientists uncovered early human remains that help put the pieces together about our evolution. Morris is now pursuing her Ph.D at the University of Georgia. She talks about her findings and what’s next on her dream discovery list.

Plus, have traffic citations increased since Mayor Kasim Reed took office? Did the price of gas increase under Georgia’s transportation bill? And if Jesus was alive today, would he be considered an undocumented immigrant? Politifact Georgia Editor Jim Tharpe joins us to answer those questions and more. Then, writer Tim Wendel joins us to give comfort to Atlanta Braves’ fans who fear the team is already having too rough a season to make it to the championships. Wendel reminds us that back in 1991, the Braves famously went from “worst to first” and found themselves on the national stage taking on the Minnesota Twins in the World Series. His new book, called “Down To The Last Pitch: How The 1991 Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves Gave Us The Best World Series Of All Time,” makes the case that through young talent and Ted Turner’s business savvy, the Braves earned the lasting attention of the entire country.