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Isolating Kids | Welcome to Braggsville | Vocal Fry | On Set in GA

An education program in Georgia is being criticized by the Justice Department for the quality of their facilities and their isolation of students with behavorial issues. Plus, is all this attention over vocal fry really worth our time? And a look at a new novel set in the South, "Welcome to Braggsville."

Full Show-August 4, 2015

A statewide education program in Georgia that serves about 5,000 students with disabilities is under fire by the U.S. Department of Justice for illegally segregating children from other students. In a strongly worded letter last month to the governor and attorney general, the DOJ says the state has also been isolating these children in run-down facilities and providing them with subpar education. Guest host Adam Ragusea talks with ProPublica reporter Marian Wang, who’s been looking into the DOJ’s complaints and parent Natasha Hall, whose 10-year-old son is in the state program.

Also on the show, a young college student brings three friends home with him to Braggsville, Georgia. They plan to stage a dramatic protest during a Civil War reenactment, but it goes horribly wrong. That’s the set-up for T. Geronimo’s Johnson’s new novel, Welcome to Braggsville. The author joins host Celeste Headlee to discuss how the novel explores issues of race, education and perceptions of the South.

And have you had enough of the vocal fry debate? GPB Savannah reporter Emily Jones sure has. She says the heated conversations over how women talk and whether they sound authoritative enough aren’t even addressing the real issue. Jones weighs in with her take when we open the Gripe Bag.

Then, the “Vacation” movie reboot came in 2nd at this weekend’s box office. It’s yet another film made in Georgia. In the latest installment of “On Set in Georgia,” guest host Adam Ragusea talks to “Reel Georgia” founder Cam McAllister about locally filmed movies starring Jamie Foxx, Michael Keaton and Adam Sandler. What celebrity will you see out and about in Atlanta this week?