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Lessons From Ferguson Come To The Classroom

The community of Ferguson, Missouri and the country learned many difficult lessons following the police shooting of teenager Michael Brown. Some of those lessons will now be formally taught in a course at Emory University. Pamela Scully, one of the faculty organizers of “The Ferguson Movement,” and Khalfani Lawson, a divinity student who has signed up for the class, join guest host Bradley George to talk about creating a curriculum that progresses the national conversation about Ferguson.

Full Show - April 6, 2015

Today's Show Segments

Your First Thoughts today are about Black Brunch protests in Atlanta and our recent adds to the Georgia Playlist.

A recent story in the Atlantic describes “Atlanta’s growing reputation as futuristic cinema’s go-to city.” Author Kristi Wooten joins guest host Bradley George to talk about why the city’s architecture makes it a dream setting for directors with a dystopian vision.

A forthcoming course at Emory University charges students with thinking critically about events in Ferguson, Missouri following the death of Michael Brown.

The Valdosta High School Wildcats are the winningest team in high school football. There’s a lot of pride revolving around Valdosta’s sports achievements, but filmmaker Brian Day set out to find who the real victors are in the city nicknamed “Winnersville.” What Day discovered were large gaps in education, economic and racial equality. He joins guest host Bradley George and Thomas Aiello, a professor of African-American Studies at Valdosta State University, to discuss who wins and who loses in Valdosta.

Ashley Diamond is a transgender inmate at Baldwin State Prison in Milledgeville, GA. Diamond brought suit against the state's Department of Corrections becasuse she says the prison hasn’t been doing enough to prevent alleged sexual assaults against her and isn’t giving her the hormone treatment she needs. Here's an update on the case.