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Friday, October 30, 2015 - 5:00am

Savannah Municipal Elections: Tom Barton Talks Mayoral Candidates

GPB wanted to get a closer look at this years mayoral candidates. Incumbent Mayor Edna Jackson faces 3 challengers; Murray Silver, Eddie Deloach and Louis Wilson. Gabrielle Ware and Tom Barton, Editorial Page Editor at the Savannah Morning News, discussed their strengths and weaknesses in this years race.

Gabrielle Ware: Let's give a little bit of an overview about each candidate.

Tom Barton: Mayor Edna Jackson...I think people generally like her as a person. She's engaging she's warm. She's not mean spirited. Murray Silver. Murray was the first in. I think you've got to give him credit for showing people, the mayor is not invulnerable...


Gabrielle Ware: Some pretty interesting people. What are your overall thoughts on what we've seen so far?

Tom Barton: Well I think you've seen a mayoral race that's issue oriented...I think one of the big issues is leadership. The mayor sets the tone, kind of sets the agenda and should be kind of like a catalyst to get things done. Or, to find the problems and find answers to the problems.

Gabrielle Ware: Actually, speaking of that, because you said leadership is such a big issue here, can you go just a little bit more into detail about that? Why that's coming up?