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Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - 7:55pm

New Bill Proposes Making Medical And Recreational Marijuana Use Legal

A new bill introduced by Sen. Curt Thompson Tuesday is different from previous proposals as it recommends making marijuana legal for medical and recreational purposes.

Sen. Thompson believes this type of legislation would have a broad impact.

"You could deal with criminal justice issues. You could deal with regulatory issues that would affect human trafficking," he says. "Once you legalize and regulate something, you know the incentive for the drug cartels and the violent crime and the human traffickers to be involved in it goes away."

Thompson also sees the sale of marijuana as a source of money for the state.

"It would bring in an incredible amount of additional tax revenue at a time when we're in desperate need of that for both education and roads,” Thompson pointed out.

Thompson believes many people support legalizing marijuana, but don’t have the courage to stand up for it.

He is also sponsoring a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment that gives Georgia voters the final say on legalizing marijuana.

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Two other marijuana bills have been introduced, but both of them are for medical use only.

A look at the other proposed bills:

Sen. Allen Peake sponsored medical marijuana bill

Sen. Lindsey Tippins’ sponsored medical marijuana bill