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Wednesday, September 10, 2014 - 4:15pm

In Macon, Legislators Hear Arguments For Medical Marijuana In Georgia

Legislators are considering arguments in favor of medical marijuana in Georgia. At an open hearing at Mercer University Wednesday, people got a chance to tell a panel of lawmakers why they think the time to legalize medical marijuana is right.

About 14 people spoke to the panel at the second of five planned open hearings.

Sebastian Cotte’s son Jagger suffers from seizures related to a mitochondrial disorder. Cotte looks to medical marijuana to ease his son’s pain.

“How much medication can his little body take? He is on 19 medications for 34 doses a day,” said Cotte. “He takes more medicine than most of us will in a lifetime and despite this he continues to struggle.”

Cotte moved his family to Colorado for access to marijuana. The next hearing on medical marijuana is in October in Gwinnett County.

Cotte says “Sometimes as a parent, you become desperate. You have to find something because you try every option you have and you cannot just stand there and let your son or your daughter just suffer.”

A bill to legalize medical marijuana in Georgia for certain patients failed in the General Assembly this year. State Representative Allen Peake, a republican from Macon who sponsored the legislation, says he will again submit a bill in next year’s session.