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Friday, June 27, 2014 - 9:06am

New Report Calls Savannah River Third Most Toxic In America

A new report ranks the Savannah River third in the country for the amount of toxic discharge released into its water.

More than 5 million pounds of waste were discharged into the river in 2010, according to the report from Environment Georgia.

Tonya Bonitatibus of Savannah Riverkeeper says officials have been working on a pollution reduction plan for several years. But she says little has changed in the meantime.

“What we’ve got on this river is we’ve still got a large amount of pollution going in, we’ve got permits that expired five, six years ago, and it’s the status quo.”

The EPA has called for a 90% reduction in discharge for the Savannah River in Georgia and South Carolina.

“The problem is that they ordered that to happen quite a few years ago and we still haven’t had any meaningful reduction whatsoever because of this process.”

Advocates worry the pollutants could pose health risks and deplete the river’s oxygen level.