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Monday, May 12, 2014 - 1:00am

A Single Mom and Two Seniors Reminisce About Cherry Tree

On the Cherry Tree Listening Project:we start week two of the month-long run with a look at Cherry Tree Crossing from another viewpoint.

Jerry Howard and Doug Downs are long time employees of The Augusta Public Housing Authority. Their jobs require them to be on the front line, in the trenches, helping residents with the complexities of living in poverty. As you'll hear in the stories they shared with The Cherry Tree Listening Project, for them its more than a job, its "a calling." Here's a preview.

A Single Mom’s Story

When Ebony Holmes had her first and second child while still in High School, many people around her assumed she would become that stereotypical barefoot pregnant girl in The Projects. However, Ebony had another vision for her life, as she shared with The Cherry Tree Listening Project. Here's a preview of part 1 of her story.

Part 2 of Ebony Holmes story airs Wednesday May 14th. The 25-year-old single mother of 5 children is also a college graduate pursuing another degree. During her years in Cherry Tree, she's seen really good things, as well as the horrifyingly bad. But, as she shared with The Cherry Tree Listening Project, its all made her stronger. Here's a preview.

Seniors on Life in Public Housing

Justine Stewart is a senior citizen, and long-time resident of Cherry Tree Crossing. She was raised in public housing, and she raised her kids in public housing as well. What's life like when the challenges of living in Public Housing are all you know? She shared her story for The Cherry Tree Listening Project. Click here for a preview.

Friday, May 16th, it's the story of Katie Robinson, everybody's "Grandma". She's 98 years old and moved to Cherry Tree after the death of some family members made it too painful to stay in the house with all those memories. The stories she shared for The Cherry Tree Listening Project are fascinating, from her work as a domestic at the age of 13 to the warm relationships she built with friends and neighbors in the midst of the chaos that sometimes pervaded her community. Here's a preview.

The Cherry Tree Listening Project is a multi-part series, produced by GPB-Augusta in Collaboration with The Greater Augusta Arts Council. It airs weekdays in May during "Morning Edition" at 7:35a.m. and during "All Things Considered" at 5:44p.m. on 90.7FM WACG/GPB-Augusta.