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Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 2:58am

Stories from the Cherry Tree Listening Project

The stories we’re hearing this week on The Cherry Tree Listening Project are from three different perspectives:

First, we’ll hear from a long-time resident, who, now as a senior citizen, recognizes that a decision she made early in life contributed to her living in Cherry Tree. Her name is Nellie King, and she remembers well the days when Cherry Tree Crossing was a friendly, family neighborhood. The change over the years soured her opinion of young people and her desire to be around them. To hear previews of her story, click here, and here.

Next, it’s the story of Elline Ivey, who has lived in public housing for only the last six years. She found herself in Cherry Tree because, as a single mother with a young child, it was difficult to care for her child and keep her job. She recalls being horrified the first time she drove through Cherry Tree, but eventually became an active member of the neighborhood. To preview her story, click here.

Finally this week, a retired senior citizen who lived in Cherry Tree for less than 5 years prior to being relocated, shares his views on the challenges of feeling safe and comfortable in the complex. Arthur Adams worked for decades as a janitor and taxi driver. A “laid back” gentleman, he envisioned spending his retirement years playing Spades and Bid Whist with his friends under a shade tree.

Unfortunately, the all-too-frequent random acts of violence made that hard to do. You’ll find a preview of Mr. Adams’ story here.

The Cherry Tree Listening Project is a multi-part series, produced by GPB-Augusta in Collaboration with The Greater Augusta Arts Council.

It airs weekdays in May during “Morning Edition” at 7:35a.m. and during “All Things Considered” at 5:44p.m. on 90.7FM WACG/GPB-Augusta.