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Monday, October 14, 2013 - 12:29am

Battle Atlanta Coming To Your Smart Phone

“Digital Atlanta: Mapping the Battle” being created by the Emory Center of Digital Scholarship will have a website as well as a free mobile phone app that will allow you to take a 12 stop, chronological tour of the historic Battle of Atlanta on your own. It’s based on a tour given by civil war tour guide Daniel Pollock. He says the urban landscape has taken over many of the battle sites, which occurred July 22, 1864. The app will help spur your imagination.

Pollack explains “You may be facing a gas station or a strip mall. But aided by images from the time, including the Cyclorama painting, you can have a deeper understanding of what took place in your own backyard.” The new app will offer photographs, a short video and information from civil war markers at each stop.

Pollock says the app will provide a list of stops, directions and parking tips. The entire tour could take two to four hours, but he stresses that you can focus on the highlights you want to learn more about. He emphasizes it will go beyond battlefield events to look at the context of the battle and what happened afterwards.

One example is the marble Lion of Atlanta over the mass grave of 3,000 unknown soldiers at Oakland Cemetery. Pollock says “That same Tate Georgia marble was the marble used to sculpt the Abraham Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial. So you have this statue to confederate unknown sculpted from the very same material used to sculpt the statue of probably the best known casualty of the civil war in Washington, D.C.” A hill at the Carter Center is where General William Sherman watched the battle as it unfolded.

The Center hopes to have the website and app up and ready to go early in 2014, well before the Battle of Atlanta’s 150th anniversary.