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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 10:24am

Democrats Seek Battleground With Nunn

The political world is reacting today to the entry of Democrat Michelle Nunn into Georgia's US Senate race.

Democrats hope to turn Georgia into a battleground state with her run.

Even with a well-known last name, however, the daughter of former US Senator Sam Nunn faces an uphill fight.

Candidate Nunn posted her first Tweets Tuesday, writing "Washington is letting GA and our nation down."

Political experts expected her run for months.

But so far, people are skeptical that any Democrat could win.

No Democrats currently hold statewide office.

But Emory University political scientist Andra Gillespie says Georgians still respect Nunn's name.

"The other thing that could potentially work in her favor is the level of competition on the Republican side," Gillespie says. "So, if there is bad blood engendered by the Republican primary, that could actually weaken the Republican party going into the general election."

Gillespie notes that Georgia's changing demographics might not favor Democrats just yet.

"There will be a point in a few years where Georgia could potentially be more competitive if the trends in the terms of Latino and African-American partisanship continue," Gillespie says. "But 2014 is probably not that year."

Republican Saxby Chambliss decided not to seek re-elation, opening the door for Nunn.

On the GOP side, three sitting Congressmen and a former Secretary of State are among the candidates.

The only other Democrat running so far is Atlanta doctor Branko Radulovacki.