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Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 11:09am

City To Decide On Cruise Ship Plans

Savannah's elected leaders will be deciding Thursday whether to continue planning for cruise ships.

The City Council this week heard from consultants who told them where the best place to put a terminal would be.

The consultants said the Savannah River Landing -- just east of the Historic District -- would be the best of three potential sites for cruise ships.

But the city doesn't own the land.

And no one's studied how more ships would vehicular traffic in the city.

Project leader Bruno Ramos says officials should send a united message for or against.

"The biggest problem with any of the locations is whether or not Savannah really wants cruise because all three locations could work," says Ramos. "There's no fatal flaw with them. But the city and residents of Savannah really need to make up their mind."

Cruise ship backers say a terminal could bring jobs.

But opponents say the influx of tourists could overwhelm the Historic District and harm air and water quality.

Ramos says the city has a choice to make.

"There's always a group that opposes. I think it's important for the city to put forth a united front in whichever direction they decide to go," says Ramos.

City Council members will decide at their meeting on Thursday whether to keep the idea of cruise ships in Savannah alive and go forward with more studies.