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Monday, October 29, 2012 - 9:12am

Tall Ship Sinks Due To Hurricane Sandy

The Coast Guard is using a helicopter and an airplane to search for two crew members who are missing from a replica tall ship that has sank in rough seas off the North Carolina coast.

The Coast Guard was able to rescue 14 crew members Monday morning after the HMS Bounty began taking on water, but two crew members are adrift in heavy seas. Officials say they are in survival suits that are designed to help keep them afloat and protect them against cold waters for about 15 hours.

Coast Guard rescue swimmer Randy Haba helped rescue crew members from a lifeboat and also helped save a crew member floating alone in the water. He says it was some of the biggest seas he has ever been in.

A Georgia woman was among the people rescued after the replica ship they were aboard started taking on water off the North Carolina coast.

Mary Ellen Sprague told The Associated Press on Monday that her daughter Anna Sprague had been plucked from a life raft and taken to safety on the North Carolina coast. She was about to leave her home to meet her daughter there when reached by the AP.

Sprague says her 20-year-old daughter was most likely the youngest crew member on board. She says she spoke to her daughter twice Monday. Anna Sprague was safe, but Mary Ellen Sprague says the young woman was very upset because the captain and another crew member were still missing at sea.

Mary Ellen Sprague is a member of the Savannah City Council.