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Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 2:25pm

State Archives Set To Close

On November 1st, Georgia will close the state archives to the public. Secretary of State Brian Kemp announced Thursday that due to budget cuts the archives in Morrow just south of Atlanta will operate only on an appointment basis.

The Georgia archives were established in 1918. They are housed in a library building that offers Georgians access to important documents from the founding of the state to the records of all government activities.

Dr. Todd Groce, the President of the Georgia Historical Society, believes that the archive is a vital resource for democracy.

“Citizens need to have access to documents so that we can keep an eye on what our leaders are doing. That may not be the old documents we’re talking about, we’re talking about documents much more in the immediate past,” Groce said.

Secretary Kemp says he will fight in the next legislative session to restore the cuts.