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Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - 8:00am

Wright McLeod Is 12th's Front Runner

Four Republicans are fighting for the chance to face four term Democratic Congressman John Barrow in the fall. GPB's Orlando Montoya spoke with each of the candidates and will present them this week in four interviews. Today, former Naval officer Wright McLeod.

NAME: Wright McLeod

HOME: Augusta, Ga

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the Naval Academy, Masters degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University and Juris Doctorate from University of Georgia School of Law.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: an attorney, a municipal judge

CAREER: He retired as Commander after 20 years of service. He now operates a real estate law firm.

PERSONAL: parent of three daughters: Collier, Margaret and Grace.

HOW HE DISTINGUISHES HIMSELF: In public appearances, Wright McLeod stresses his military experience. He talks frequently about serving his country and says it was a formative experience in his life.


QUOTE: "It is my opinion that most everyone in the 12th District understands the severity of the problems that we as a nation face. The $16 trillion debt, the deficit, the annual debt that continues to rise. Certainly, we have a spending problem in Washington. But, we all have come to the realization that spending has to be cut and it will be cut. But, there's no doubt in my mind that we're going to see some sizable cuts to the federal government."

COMING TOMORROW: Maria Sheffield