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Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 11:48am

Sunshine Laws Explained To School System

The Attorney General’s office was in Macon to train the public and Bibb County school officials on new so-called "sunshine laws." The visit comes following complaints about the Bibb County School system.

Officials came to Macon after the Telegraph Newspaper raised concerns about the time it took to get open records from the school system and facts that were redacted.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Stefan Ritter gave an hour-long power point presentation detailing changes the State Legislature made this year that give people more access to public information.

“The law is very clear and now it’s part of the statutory law, that whenever there is a dispute about what the open records act or the open meetings act means, it’s interpreted in favor of openness.”

Under the bill the school board must respond more quickly to open records requests by citizens and the media. Any unprotected information should not be cut.