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Tuesday, September 6, 2011 - 4:17am

Archeologists Returning To Fort Hawkins

Archeologists will soon return to a Macon historic site for the fourth time. They’re hoping to finish what they started back in 2005.

Archeologists with the Lamar Institute in Savannah want to find the remaining outer walls of Fort Hawkins. The goal is to rebuild the 200 year-old U.S. Army post on its original footprint.

Thomas Jefferson founded the fort, which is often called the birthplace of Macon. Archeologist Dan Elliott says they’ll be there most of October.

“It was on the frontier. It was a major headquarters for the commanding generals of the U.S. Army. There were wars, the first Seminole War and the War of 1812. There was strategic planning and troops gathered there.”

Elliott says the discovery of 30-thousand artifacts and several buildings slowed the work. The Fort Hawkins Commission plans a complete restoration of the site.