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Friday, October 8, 2010 - 11:15am

NRC Hearing Draws Opposition From Environmental Groups

The meeting was held in Waynesboro where Georgia Power is trying to build the first new nuclear reactors in decades.

NRC officials heard from stakeholders about a recent environmental impact study.

Federal regulators said the study found no environmental threats that might stand in the way of a license for the estimated 14 billion dollar project.

Sarah Barczak of environmental group Southern Alliance For Clean Energy was at the meeting.

She says the study didn’t consider the waste the new rectors would generate or where it would be stored since the cancellation of a repository at Yucca Mountain near Las Vegas.

"They keep pretending, in a way, that sites like Vogtle are just fine for storing very radioactive waste on site that none of these communities…they were never told decades ago that they would essentially become a de facto nuclear waste dump."

Joey Ledford is a spokesman for the NRC.

He says it’s safe to store the waste on site:

"There has never been a repository. Plants have stored spent fuel on site since they’ve been in operation and the fact that we’ve had no problems in 3 decades illustrates that the process works."

Preliminary work is already underway at Vogtle.

Officials expect the license to build the new reactors will be approved by 2011.