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Monday, September 20, 2010 - 11:26am

Woman No Longer A 'Sex Offender'

Wendy Whitaker has been trying to get off of the sex offender registry for more than a decade.

A consensual sex act with a 15 year old class mate landed Whitaker on the list when she was only 17.

Since then she and her family have been forced to move several times because of restrictions on where sex offenders can live.

A new law enacted earlier this year allowed Whitaker to petition a judge to take her off the registry for good.

Sarah Geraghty is an attorney with the Southern Center for Human Rights. She says her client is among many Georgian’s who have had their lives disrupted by the state’s harsh sex offender law.

"This is a recognition, both by the legislature and the courts, that it’s important to start drafting laws that apply more appropriately to people that pose a danger," said Geraghty. "Miss Whitaker has never posed a danger."

Geraghty says a class action lawsuit against the state will continue.