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Thursday, August 26, 2010 - 11:56am

Plan To Put Liquefied Natural Gas on Roads

Some Savannah residents are worried about a proposal to put tankers full of liquefied natural gas on local roadways.

The plan is part of expansion at the LNG ocean terminal on Elba Island near Savannah, where ships unload the liquefied natural gas.

It's then vaporized and sent by pipelines to homes across the South.

But pipelines can't reach all customers and Houston-based energy firm El Paso Corporation now wants to reach them on the roads.

The company plans to send up to 58 tankers a day, loaded with LNG, from Elba Island.

The idea doesn't sit well with Beth Kinsler, who lives along the proposed route.

"The corridor down which these trucks will move encompasses schools, any number of residential neighborhoods and major hospitals," Kinsler says.

Residents worry about a catastrophy happening in the case of an accident or a terrorist attack.

At a meeting this week, El Paso officials stressed LNG's safety record.

"It's one of the safest fuel sources in the community," Baerg says. "You compare it to diesel or gasoline tankers that traverse the city on a daily basis and LNG tankers are much more stable."

Federal energy regulators will accept comments on the plan through September 7th.