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Wednesday, July 14, 2010 - 3:52pm

Estimate: Less Than 100 Illegals Enrolled

Board of Regents officials say, the number of illegal aliens attending Georgia public colleges and universities could be less than 100.

University officials are looking into how to deal with undocumented students and for that they need to know many of them there are.

An official number should be known next month, but this week, officials estimated less than 100.

The number doesn't surprise Norma Nunez, a migrant education specialist in Southeast Georgia.

"To ask farm worker parents to pay three times the regular tuition for their child to attend college is not a reality," Nunez says. "So therefore, there is a small number of students who actually make it to that level.”

Nunez says, those that do make it are usually top-of-their-class, with private scholarships paying their way.

"These kids are used to having barriers left and right," Nunez says. "So putting another wall in between these kids, it's not going to stop them from going to college because they're valedictorians."

The question of illegal aliens at public colleges has loomed in this year's elections.

This came after a student at Kennesaw State University was found to have been paying an in-state rate, even though she came to the U.S. as a child.