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Thursday, July 8, 2010 - 12:39pm

Board Pressures Atlanta Schools to Submit CRCT Report

The state board of education is pressuring the Atlanta Public School System to turn in its report investigating suspicious erasure marks on their CRCT tests last year.

The Atlanta Public School System is the only district that’s yet to comply with the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement’s request of 35 school districts to investigate a high frequency of erasure marks on their 2009 standardized tests.

CRCT test results help the education department determine how a school system is performing year to year, known as AYP.

The board voted today to suspend the AYP of the affected schools until the report is in.

"Basically what we asked them to do is have that report in by midnight August 2," says State Superintendent Brad Bryant.

AYP affects how much federal money schools get.

The state wide audit of the CRCT tests showed there was a severe concern of cheating in about four percent of Georgia elementary and middle schools last spring—most of which were in the Atlanta Public School System.