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Thursday, February 11, 2010 - 12:18pm

Richmond County Schools Respond to Allegations of Possible CRCT Cheating

Nearly 200 elementary and middle schools across the state were cited by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement for having unusually high numbers of erasures on last year’s CRCT answer sheets.

Lamar and Hornsby elementary schools in Augusta were among the schools with the most erasures.

Lou Svehla is a spokesperson for Richmond County Schools. He says there will be an investigation but that it’s too early to make any accusations of cheating.

"There are sometimes occasions where a student may skip a question but forget to skip it on the bubble sheet and realize later that they’ve filled in several wrong answers and then go back and have to erase things," says Svehla.

In the mean time, schools like Lamar and Hornsby will be required to have state monitors present during this year’s test.

CRCT scores are used to measure whether or not schools have met federally mandated education requirements.