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Friday, October 9, 2009 - 8:36am

State Program To Cut Energy Costs

A new state program can help Georgians figure out how to save money on their electricity bills.

Every one of the 388 public library branches in the state now has a device called the “Kill A Watt” available for checkout.

Once connected to an appliance, the Kill A Watt displays the amount of energy it uses and the cost to run it.

The program began a couple of months ago through a partnership between the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority and the Georgia Public Library Service. Since the then, library officials estimate the Kill A Watt has been checked out 450 times.

Darin Givens with the Georgia Public Library Service says the device can help people cut their energy costs.

“This device is going to help people understand how much energy that’s being used in the house," says Givens. "And if they’re aware of how much energy that’s being used by each of the devices in their house, they can, I think, help reduce consumption of the energy.”

The Kill A Watt program is part of the Governor’s Energy Challenge, which aims to cut energy consumption in the state 15 percent by 2020.

While Illinois, Maine and New Hampshire have similar initiatives, Georgia's statewide program is the largest one nationwide.