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Inventure 2011 Velociryder


by Aaron Fan, Xo Wang, and Jamison Go


Velociryder is a motorized, self-balancing skateboard that takes the activity to a new level, featuring two wheels instead of four. Its inventors include (from left to right) Jamison Go (Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Orlando, Florida); Aaron Fan (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Ocoee, Florida); and Xo Wang (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, New York, New York).

The inventors state that "the InVenture Prize is our opportunity to explore entrepreneurship. We can take our idea for the Velociryder to the full extent while learning how to develop and sell it. The competition is the kick that can move the Velociryder from a design on the computer to being sold at stores."

Watch the InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech live on Wednesday, March 9th at 7pm on Georgia Public Broadcasting to see if Velociryder will win!