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Inventure 2011 Proximer


by Jenny Taylor, Megan Richards, Michael Zhao


Proximer is a device that cleverly detects hard plastics in the body. Its inventors include (from left to right) Michael Zhao (Biomedical Engineering, Alpharetta, Georgia); Megan Richards (Biomedical Engineering, Suwannee, Georgia); and Jenny Taylor (Biomedical Engineering, Greenville, South Carolina).

"Our purpose as engineers is to progress and serve. We have found a way to save thousands with a better solution for breast cancer survivors undergoing reconstruction using polymer ports. The Inventure Prize is our chance to play a role in the future of medical technology by advancing the field of polymer detection for people all over the world. It’s the chance to call ourselves real biomedical engineers; to create something and have it be worth a lifetime to someone else. We’re ready to take the Proximer all the way for the betterment of breast reconstruction and we want the Inventure Prize to help us get there."

Watch the InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech live on Wednesday, March 9th at 7pm on Georgia Public Broadcasting to see if Proximer will win!