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Inventure 2011 MAID

Magnetic Assisted Intubation Device


by Alexander Cooper, Shawna Marie Hagen, William Jacob Thompson, and Elizabeth Ann Flanagan

Magnetic Assisted Intubation Device (MAID)

The Magnetic Assisted Intubation Device (MAID) , is a creative approach to facilitate the procedure of placing a breathing tube into the trachea. The inventors include (from left to right) Alexander Cooper (Biomedical Engineering, Atlanta, Georgia); William Jacob Thompson (Biomedical Engineering, Cornelia, Georgia); Elizabeth Flanagan (Biomedical Engineering, Douglas, Georgia); and Shawna Hagen (not pictured) (Biomedical Engineering, Middletown, New Jersey).

The inventors state that "Winning the Inventure Prize would give us the capacity to provide life saving tools to emergency medical professionals as well as everyday people in remote locations and impossible situations."

Watch the InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech live on Wednesday, March 9th at 7pm on Georgia Public Broadcasting to see if MAID will win!