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We Built This City, Mastering Volume

Innovation in Teaching Competition: Jennifer McIntosh from Clark Creek Elementary School

Grade Level

Fifth Grade

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


During this two week hands-on unit, students master volume computation and science skills by building model cities. Students first construct 3D cubes and rectangular prisms to deepen their understanding of area within the context of volume. Then, students work cooperatively in teams to build a city and find both the volume and additive volume of their structures. Additionally, students create circuits to use as lights for their buildings to learn elements of circuits, insulators and conductors.

Standards Addressed

M.5.MD.3, M.5.MD.4, M.5.MD.5
S5.CS.1, S5.CS.3, S5.P.3

About the Teacher

Jennifer McIntosh
Clark Creek Elementary
Cherokee County Schools

Jennifer McIntosh is currently a 5th grade teacher at Clark Creek Elementary in Acworth, GA. Ms. McIntosh holds a Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education from Kennesaw State University and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from University of Georgia. Additionally, she has an Education Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Piedmont College. Her best piece of teaching advice is to build meaningful relationships withyour students; once they realize you believe in them, they will rise to meet your high expectations.