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Analyze the impact of Reconstruction on Georgia.

SS8H6 a

Explain the roles of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments in Reconstruction.

The Saga of Reconstruction

Historians Cliff Kuhn, Marcellus Barksdale and Gene Hatfield describe the chaos and uncertainty resulting from the devastation wrought upon the South during the Civil War. Cities were destroyed,...

SS8H6 e

Give examples of goods and services produced during the Reconstruction Era, including the use of sharecropping and tenant farming.

Gilded Roses: Thomasville and Northern Industrialists

According to Tom Hill, curator of the Thomas County Museum of History, the city of Thomasville in southwest Georgia provided the perfect playground for Northerners who profited from the Civil War...

The Cadillac of Rocking Chairs

Marcellus Barksdale, a Morehouse College historian, describes what happened to the South as a result of the Civil War. In Marietta, returning Confederate soldier James Remley Brumby dreamed of a...