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Explain the importance of developments in Georgia since the late 20th century.

SS8H12 c

Evaluate the short-term and long-term impacts of hosting the 1996 Olympics on Georgia’s economic and population growth.

Layover in Atlanta: The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

On any given day at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, more than 2,200 flights take off and land, traveling to 150 destinations in the United States, and 30 cities in 17 countries...

SS8H12 d

Analyze Georgia’s role in the national and global economy of the 21st Century, with regard to tourism, Savannah port expansion, and the film industry.

Georgia's Entertainment Industry

Atlanta has come a long way since it was a quiet little town called Terminus. Today, it has become the entertainment capital of the South. From music to museums, there are literally thousands of...

Port of Savannah, Yesterday and Today

According to David Schaller of the Georgia Ports Authority, Georgia products travel and are used around the world. Ships bring in containers loaded with goods from blue jeans to televisions....