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Evaluate key post-World War II developments in Georgia.

SS8H10 a

Explain how technology transformed agriculture and created a population shift within the state.

Atlanta's History Through the Eyes of a Pig

Sue Ellen Mears, with the DeKalb Historical Society, comments on Atlanta's change from rural to urban through the lens of Bill Suits, owner of A ta Z Salvage in Decatur, who wished to bring Rufus...

Georgia Time Machine: 1950s in Heard County

During the 1950s, Georgia was in many ways a study of contrasts. Much of the state retained its rural character, with people leading lives that had strong links to earlier decades. At the same...

SS8H10 b

Explain how the development of Atlanta under mayors William B. Hartsfield and Ivan Allen, Jr. impacted the state.

Atlanta's Example in the Civil Rights Movement

Herschelle Challenor, a graduate of Spelman College, describes the challenges of segregation in Atlanta during the 1950s. Claude Sitton, a reporter for the New York Times, states that...