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Describe the foundations of Georgia’s government.

SS8CG1 a

Explain the basic structure of the Georgia state constitution (preamble, bill of rights, articles, and amendments) as well as its relationship to the United States Constitution.

Georgia and the US Constitution

Just ten years after the Articles of Confederation was drawn up in 1777, representatives met in Philadelphia to write a new Constitution. Georgia sent four men, most notably University of Georgia...

SS8CG1 b

Explain separation of powers and checks and balances among Georgia’s three branches of government.

Did Georgia Pass a Bill Allowing Prayer in Schools?

Georgia Sen. David Scott, author of the Quiet Reflection Act, explains why he introduced such legislation aimed at Georgia public schools. The legislative process of a bill becoming a law is...

Georgia's Executive Branch

The executive branch is the largest of Georgia’s three branches of state government. The Georgia constitution names eight officers that are elected by all Georgia voters to serve in the executive...

The Legislative Process

Highlighting the various roles in Georgia’s General Assembly, The Legislative Process details what steps are taken to create a new law. 

SS8CG1 c

Describe the rights and responsibilities of citizens according to the Georgia Constitution.

Immigrating to the Land of Opportunity

Touk Phosai Varney was born in Laos where Communist rebels controlled everything from religion to what a person ate and wore. The Phosai family explains what it was like escaping to America and...

SS8CG1 d

List voting qualifications for elections in Georgia.

Your Vote Matters: Importance of Midterm Elections

In this episode of Things Explained, we highlight the importance of midterm elections and the impacts they can have on a sitting president.