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Georgia's Backroads and More Georgia Backroads

"As a good buddy of mine says, 'If something ails you, take a Georgia Backroad and call me in the morning. They're life's natural remedies."– Larry Jon Wilson

Georgia's Backroads promise an adventure around every curve, as you'll see in these quirky programs hosted by singer/song-writer, Larry Jon Wilson. For the armchair traveler or for viewers seeking weekend destinations, Georgia's Backroads and More Georgia Backroads offer something for everyone. From the sixth generation Hewell pottery family in north Georgia to historic Fitzgerald, a town founded by Union veterans in Georgia's heartland, from the oldest Baptist congregation in the state near Augusta to the scenic beauty of a southwest Georgia cotton field, these two GPB Original Productions will entertain, amaze and inspire you.

Georgia's Backroads covers the Northern, Central and West Central regions of our state, while More Georgia Backroads explores the East Central, and Southern areas. Along the way, our guide, singer/songwriter Larry Jon Wilson, shares historical anecdotes and original songs.

"When I was a boy, most all of Georgia's roads were backroads," Wilson says. "Now, it seems, there are wide highways everywhere, and it's harder to find places like this and that's a shame. My career as a singer, songwriter and concert performer has taken me all over the world, but the people, places and events you find off the beaten track here always call me home to Georgia."

Georgia's Backroads and More Georgia Backroads are part of GPB's Georgia Legacy series, original productions that celebrate our local culture and history.

More Georgia Backroads was made possible by a generous grant from the Ray M. and Mary Elizabeth Lee Foundation, Inc. and by Viewers Like You. Thank You!