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About the Georgia Studies Digital Textbook

The Georgia Studies digital textbook tells the story of Georgia—its history, culture, and geography—in the context of American history and government. The information is presented digitally with interactive capabilities and multimedia enhancements. Touchscreen technology offers students the chance to interact with the text and access multimedia components that were not available in the original print version. The digital textbook also contains embedded quizzes, a note-taking function, and discussion prompts. The book is regularly updated to make sure the content is relevant and aligned to the most recent Georgia Performance Standards. This creative, cutting-edge platform is a breakthrough resource that will change the way students and teachers experience Georgia history.

How to access the student edition
  1. To access the iPad version of the student edition, download the free GPB app from iTunes. The ten student edition units (in red) should appear on the app home screen.
  2. To access the web version, you will click on this link, and open a unit of study to get started.
How to access the teacher edition
  1. Register for a user name and password by clicking here. Once our team verifies your credentials, we will send you a username and password for the teacher edition. Please do not share your teacher edition username and password with students; it will give them access to answer keys and other important teacher documents.
  2. To access the iPad version of the teacher edition, you must download the free GPB app from iTunes. You will use your username and password to login to the GPB app. Once you login, you will see student edition units (red) and teacher edition units (blue). When you open a unit of the teacher edition, you can see what the students see by holding your iPad in landscape view. However, when you flip the iPad to portrait view, you can see all teacher materials under the student content. See below:
  3. To access the web version of the teacher edition, you will click on this link, open a unit of study, and enter your username and password to get started.

Professional Development

Our education team travels to schools and districts around the state to provide professional development on how to utilize the features of the Georgia Studies digital textbook and how to implement GPB’s other free resources to engage students in learning. To request a visit from our team, email

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