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Middle School

60-Second Presidents

Explore the rich history and the institution of the U.S. Presidency—from George Washington to Barack Obama.

All About the Holidays

Get to know the history and significance behind these U.S. holidays (and more!) with this new collection of resources.

America from Scratch

Educators can use America From Scratch (and its discussion guides) to engage the most important issues of the day and to encourage critical thinking and promote civic engagement with their students....

American Icons

These lesson plans encourage students to explore the contributions to society made by prominent Americans from all walks of life. Each lesson plan includes a short video, as well as a written primary...

American Masters

American Masters brings unique originality and perspective to exploring the lives and illuminating the creative journeys of our most enduring writers, musicians, visual and performing artists,...

Art School

Art School is a KQED web video series that introduces contemporary artists who discuss their careers and intentions, then demonstrate hands-on techniques or concepts. Art School provides resources...

Beat Making Lab

Produced by PBS Digital Studios, the Beat Making Lab travels all around the world sharing their love of electronic music with aspiring artists from developing countries, using this emerging new genre...

Beyond the Front Page 2.0

Beyond the Front Page 2.0 is a multimedia journalism collection designed for both teachers and students in grades 6 through 12.


Cyberchase is the Emmy award-winning animated math mystery show featuring a team of curious kids who use their math and problem-solving skills to outwit and outsmart the villain Hacker in their quest...

Daily E-Learning Resources

Sign up for GPB Education's daily e-learning newsletter. It offers free digital content for parents, caregivers, and PreK-12 educators and includes free apps, activity ideas, lesson plans, and...

Deep Look

See the unseen at the very edge of our visible world. Get a new perspective on our place in the universe and meet extraordinary new friends. Explore big scientific mysteries by going incredibly small...

Design Squad Nation

The goal of Design Squad Nation is to give students a stronger understanding of the design process, and the connection between engineering and the things we all use in everyday life. The results of...

Discovery Education

Georgia teachers have access to free digital content for ALL grades and subject areas. Login is required. Not sure of your DE login? Email

Engineering for Good

Engineering for Good is a three-week, project-based learning unit for middle school science classrooms focused on developing solutions for negative impacts of plastics on the environment.

Engineering Is...

Explore Engineering Is… , a collection of media resources that focus on the intersection of engineering and science. 

Fast Forward

Learn how Georgia industries and companies are using science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Series includes video segments and support materials. 

Georgia Forests Virtual Learning Journey

Go on an interactive journey through the working forests of Georgia to learn about forest ecosystems, food webs, and life cycles, as well as forestry management processes, and career opportunities.

Georgia Race Through Time

Help Savannah and Peaches beat the clock and show off your knowledge of Georgia history with GPB’s history adventure game!

Georgia Stories

Learn about the rich history of Georgia with videos and educator resources.

Georgia Studies Collection

The collection includes student and teacher editions of the Georgia Studies digital textbook, over thirty virtual field trips, Georgia Race Through Time adventure game, and Georgia Stories video...

Georgia Studies Digital Textbook - Student Edition

This textbook tells the story of Georgia—its history, culture, and geography—in the context of American history and government. Ten units of study aligned to Georgia Standards. 

Girl Power!

GIRL Power! is shining a light on girls of ALL ages who lead, mentor, inspire and impact those around them by tapping into their unique strengths.

Green Tree Frog

Learn how a bill becomes a law with this fun, animated short film inspired by the true story of how a Georgia fourth grade class proposed the green tree frog become the Georgia State Amphibian. 

Gross Science

In this collection, you’ll find original short-form videos and DIY experiments from Gross Science. Learn about amphibians that eat their mother’s skin, strange uses for bacon, how poop...

I <3 Math

This video series introduces key concepts in 4th-8th grade mathematics. Each video focuses on building conceptual understanding of a topic, so that students understand the “how” and...

Inspiring Middle School Literacy

These online self-paced lessons for blended learning are designed to enhance the literacy skills of struggling readers in grades 5–8.

Ken Burns Classroom

Ken Burns Classroom features hundreds of video clips, lesson plans, activity suggestions, discussion questions, handouts, and interactives to help educators integrate the films into their classroom...

Khan Academy

Like the exemplary videos below, the Khan Academy lessons connect to standards and are designed to provide students with clear understandings of mathematical operations and principles for problem...

Lights, Camera, Budget!

An online game designed to help middle and high school students learn, study, and review financial literacy topics while also practicing their budgeting skills. 

Literary Elements and Techniques

Use these animated shorts to introduce or review literary elements and techniques like theme, setting, figurative language, characterization, and conflict. 

Live Explorations

GPB’s live explorations bring exciting locations to life via live streaming, stunning footage, field experts, live interactions, and supplemental resources. 


Presenting a treasure trove of videos from MASTERPIECE films, supported by essays and teaching tips, this collection offers innovative ways to access, understand, and analyze classic literature...

Math at the Core

Math at the Core offers engaging media and integrated activities and is designed for middle school students of diverse learning styles and backgrounds.

NASA Physics and Engineering

Inspiring STEM Educators: The NASA Physics and Engineering Collection is designed to bring real-world applications of physics and engineering concepts into high school classrooms. The videos and...

No Nonsense Grammar

Explore a range of commonly taught grammar principles for elementary and middle schoolers with these short, fun videos and activities.


The NOVA collection on PBS LearningMedia contains over 900 resources from NOVA’s broadcast and digital productions that educators can use in their lessons to spark and enrich student knowledge...

Off Book

Learn about the art, the people, and the culture of the digital revolution with Off Book. This revolutionary program from PBS Digital Studios combines top-tier journalism with the underground, and...

On The Campaign Trail

On the Campaign Trail is a political web series for Georgia teachers and students hosted by Bill Nigut. Episodes will take viewers on a journey through the political process leading to the 2016...

PBS Digital Studios: STEAM--Arts in Engineering and Science

Explore top STEAM selections from the PBS Digital Studios library. This content is edgy and engaging, educational and thought-provoking — designed to grab your students’ attention.

PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia™ is free for Georgia teachers and offers digital content for ALL grades and subjects. 

PBS Math Club

PBS Math Club helps you with your homework... and makes you laugh. They cover topics like adding and subtracting integers, equations, ratios and proportions, and statistics. They use uncommon...

Peach State Politics

GPB reporter Stephen Fowler answers questions about what goes on at the Georgia Capitol, like “Who’s in charge of taxpayer money?” or “What’s all the fuss about Georgia...

Poetry in America

Poetry in America gathers distinguished interpreters from all walks of life to explore and debate 12 unforgettable American poems.


Each half-hour episode highlights the processes of science and engineering, following a different group of middle school girls who design, with the help of scientist mentors, their own inquiry-based...

Shakespeare Uncovered

Shakespeare Uncovered combines history, biography, iconic performances, new analysis, and the personal passions of its celebrated hosts to tell the stories behind the stories of Shakespeare’s...

Songs for Unusual Creatures

This collection of videos from Songs for Unusual Creatures features some of Earth's strangest animals — including Giant Anteaters, Sea Pigs, Glass Frogs, Jesus Christ Lizards, Elephant...

STEAM Central

STEAM Central is our headquarters for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics multimedia learning resources. The goal of this hub is to support educators in igniting student interest...

STEM Alive

STEM ALIVE is a series of educator training videos focused on STEM topics. Based on the teacher-tested, learner-centered RAFT Idea Sheets, each video invites educators to explore a new STEM-based...

STEM in 30

What does a bicycle have in common with an airplane? What keeps hot air balloons aloft? How do satellites in orbit stay put? Launch into science, technology, engineering, and math with the National...

The Great American Read

This PBS LearningMedia collection highlights books from The Great American Read that find their way into classrooms and onto summer reading lists. 

The Lowdown

Ever wonder why stores offer discounts or how the lottery works? Math concepts like percentages, probability, and statistics have a huge impact on the world around us! Use these videos, graphics, and...

Things Explained

Ever wonder how a giant ship can float or how buildings are demolished in the middle of a city? We do too! Our series, Things Explained, tackles all kinds of questions with short, easy-to-understand...

Think Math

These entertaining, imaginative resources include standards-based interactives and videos for grades 5-8. Designed to appeal to diverse learners, these resources provide real-world connections,...

Virtual and Augmented Reality

GPB Education continues to innovate with our latest VR/AR initiative. This whole new level of immersive learning allows students to be transported to locations all over Georgia without ever leaving...

Virtual Field Trips

GPB is traveling all over Georgia to bring our state's rich history and culture to teachers and students. We are creating virtual, interactive field trips highlighting important Georgia locations...

WordPlay Shakespeare

WordPlay Shakespeare eBooks provide readers with a new experience - a filmed performance of Shakespeare's plays placed right on the page, next to the original text.

WWII Oral History Project

GPB’s World War II Veterans Oral History Project presents the story of World War II through the personal accounts of men and women from Georgia whose lives were touched by the war. Through letters,...


ZOOM is packed with fun and engaging activities for students to do independently or as part of a group. Using a multidisciplinary, content-based format, these resources teach children how to take an...