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Gasha Go consists of ten challenges, each with three levels of difficulty. The challenges address different skills that build number sense.
  • Players are given a quantity of ingredients and must find the matching quantity from three choices.

  • Players must quickly determine the quantity needed before the ingredients disappear. This challenge helps players practice the ability to 'see' a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting.

  • This challenges builds counting skills. Players are given a number of ingredients and they must count the quantity by clicking the bubbles.

  • A solid understanding of the numbers 1 through 10 leads to success with place-value concepts. In this challenge, a ten-frame helps players form a mental image of the numbers represented as they help find the missing quantity.

  • Players are given a number and directions on whether more or less is needed. They have three numbers from which to choose.

  • Players are asked “Which is the least amount?” or “Which is the greatest amount?” and must pick from three choices.

  • This challenge encourages players to count additional ingredients without restarting at one. Players are given a quantity and then a total quantity that is needed. They must “count on” to get to the total quantity.

  • Players must solve simple word problems using addition and subtraction skills. Watch out! The monster is gobbling up ingredients.

  • Players use addition skills to help build the toy eggs. They are given a quantity and must add from three number choices to get to the total.

  • Players are given an equation that is missing an amount. They must pick the missing amount from three choices using addition and subtraction skills.

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