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360° Videos

Longleaf Pine Forest

The southern region of Georgia used to be covered with Longleaf pine trees but early harvesters reduced the population greatly. That's why the state of Georgia, private land owners, and even scientists have come together in restoring the Longleaf pine forests like the one in this video.

Reflect: Take a look around the forest and listen closely. What types of plants do you see? What kind of animals do you hear? (AFNR-FS-5.1, AFNR-FS-7.1)

Seedling Orchard

The soil and climate provide the perfect setting for seed orchard farms like the one in this video. The goal of seed orchards is to produce large quantities of seed for seedling nursery operations.

Reflect: Only a few dozen trees are planted per acre in the seed orchard. What else do you notice about how the orchard is organized? How is it different from clusters of trees you see in your community? (AFNR-FS-7.4)


Seedling Line

Seedling lines like the one featured in this video fill trays with seed and soil to be transported out to a nursery. Once there, they will grow for six to eight months. When the seedlings are ready, they will be packed for planting to reforest the Southeast.

Reflect: In what ways does the seedling line combine machine labor and manual labor? Why might it be important to have people monitoring the processing machine? (AFNR-FS-7.4)


Timber Harvesting Site

Timber harvesting sites like the one in this video, harvest trees to create lumber or pulp for everyday products. Extensive prep work must be completed before these logs can be transported from the logging site.

Reflect: Look at the way the logs are stacked in the truck. Why is it important for the logs to be delimbed and accurately measured before they are loaded onto the truck? (AFNR-FS-8.2)


Converting Plant

Explore a converting plant in this video. Here, teams of builders, technicians, and quality assurance experts convert the paper board in the products we use every day.

Reflect: Take a moment to write down products you use every day that might have come from this converting plant.


ATV Ride

All-terrain vehicles, commonly known as ATVs, are used in many ways in the forest. From managing prescribed fires to navigating through rough terrains, ATVs take foresters and tree farmers wherever they need to go.

Reflect: Looking around while watching the video. How can you identify the different layers in this forest?


Driving a Log Truck

Watch as harvested trees (logs) are loaded onto a truck and driven to a mill where they begin a new journey of their own.

Reflect: Why is so important for drivers of log trucks to be carefully trained?