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About Georgia Forests: Virtual Learning Journey

For more than a century, working forests have provided economic and environmental stability – and a myriad of benefits – to our state and its citizens. As Georgia continues to grow and change, it is important that we connect Georgia’s 10 million citizens (including our youngest citizens) to the 22 million acres of forestland that are critical to their survival, comfort, and progress. To accomplish this goal, GPB partnered with The Georgia Forestry Foundation (GFF) to create an interactive, educational experience for students across the state. Georgia Forests: Virtual Learning Journey is a free classroom resource designed to teach students about forest ecosystems, food webs, and life cycles, as well as forestry management processes, career opportunities, and much more. Georgia educators served as consultants on the project to ensure proper alignment to Georgia standards and to provide guidance on instructional best practices.

About GFF

The Georgia Forestry Foundation (GFF), established in 1990, is a 501 (c) (3) organization that acts as the educational arm of the Georgia Forestry Association.Their mission is to sustain Georgia’s forests through funding and support of leadership development, policy studies, and education to enhance the economic, environmental, and community value of working forests for Georgia. For more information, visit

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GPB Education VR|AR

Building on a reputation as a trusted source for educational content, GPB Education is entering a new chapter with virtual and augmented reality. Students can be transported to places and environments without leaving the classroom. These types of experiences also help students make more authentic connections to the content and learning objectives. With a whole new level of immersive learning, this GPB Education VR|AR app allows students to explore the plant and animal cells, as well as sit on stage at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra while following along with the musicians and conductor.