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DTV Satellite Transition

Georgia Public Broadcasting launched its new digital education channel on October 1, 2008. This new channel, GPB Knowledge, is available throughout the state of Georgia and replaces the satellite programming formally used by GPB. Much of the content on the former satellite programming is available through GPB Education Streaming and the GPB Digital Library On-Demand, as well as on our new channel, GPB Knowledge. Educators will have the same recording rights as before.

To receive GPB Educational programs, Educators have the option of:

  • live viewing on GPB Knowledge (on television)
  • downloading from GPB Education Streaming to their computers for later viewing
  • storing on portable devices for more convenient viewing (i.e., flash drives or burning to CDs).

Schools will receive GPB Knowledge via:

  • cable – (contact your local cable provider for channel location)
  • commercial satellite
  • or by tuning your digital receiver to 8.3 for our new digital channel, GPB Knowledge.

For schools without cable, commercial satellite or digital reception, a converter box is recommended. They may purchased wherever electronics are sold and cost between $40 and $80 dollars. This will convert analog televisions (these are TVs with “rabbit ear” antennas) to digital so you and your students may enjoy digital broadcasting.

In the event that your area does not have access to broadcast television and you’d like to watch GPB Knowledge, the channel may be accessed on your computer by using a USBTV Tuner.

GPB Education Streaming will continue to provide On-Demand delivery of over 5,000 full-length videos with segments and educator resources. Visit for more information, and a complete list of all GPB Education programs.