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Dinosaur Week

Dinosaur Week

Teya RyanWelcome to Dinosaur Week on GPB — I'm Teya Ryan, President here at GPB. We're so excited about the new Jim Henson children's show, Dinosaur Train, that we've decided to build a week of dinosaur programming for the whole family, beginning on September 13. We have dinosaur movies, NOVA specials, a party to preview Dinosaur Train (with doughnuts and train rides!) and, coming soon, some awesome new interactive games on the GPB Kids page! You can also hear special Jurassic Radio reports and see a GPB original television production on Appalachiosaurs — yes, you heard that right! We hope you enjoy Dinosaur Week — let us know what you think at!

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Dinosaur Week
The Four Winged Dinosaur

In 2002, the discovery of a beautiful and bizarre fossil astonished scientists and reignited the debate over the origin of flight. With four wings and superbly preserved feathers, the 130 million-year-old creature was like nothing paleontologists had ever seen before. In this program, NOVA travels to the Chinese stone quarry where the fossil was discovered—a famed fossil treasure-trove—and teams up with the world's leading figures to perform an unorthodox experiment: a wind tunnel flight test of a scientific replica of the ancient oddity.


Dinosaur Week
Arctic Dinosaurs

Most people imagine dinosaurs lurking in warm locales with swamps and jungles, dining on vegetation and each other. But a new NOVA documentary reveals that many species also survived and thrived in the harsh environments of the north and south polar regions. This program focuses on two high-stakes expeditions and the paleontologists who push the limits of science to unearth 70 million-year-old fossils buried in the vast Alaskan tundra.

Living with Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Week
Why travel back in time to witness the dinosaur days?

Most of the dinosaurs were wiped out
in a biological blitz 65 million years
ago. But many other great reptiles –
such as crocodiles, turtles and a
strange ‘three-eyed’ reptile now living
only in New Zealand – are still living
on the planet today.
What made these reptiles special
enough to survive one of the most
cataclysmic events our planet has ever
known? What did the crocodile get
right that Tyrannosaurus rex got so
badly wrong?

Planet Tales

Dinosaur Week
Mystery of the Jurassic

The BBC's series "Horizon" joins a major trek to a remote plateau in Argentina, to unearth the real Jurassic Park. Many scientists believe this incredible site could be the most significant dinosaur find ever. In one huge outcrop of rock lies a complete snapshot of life in the Middle Jurassic, the most mysterious period in the story of the dinosaurs. By following the dinosaur dig this film recreates, through spectacular graphics, the whole world of this era.

Dinosaurs Alive

Dinosaur Week
Dinosaurs Alive!

DINOSAURS ALIVE is a global adventure of science and discovery -- featuring the earliest dinosaurs of the Triassic Period to the monsters of the Cretaceous "reincarnated" life-sized for the giant IMAX® screen. Audiences will journey with some of the world's preeminent paleontologists as they uncover evidence that the descendents of dinosaurs still walk (or fly) among us. From the exotic, trackless expanses and sand dunes of Mongolia's Gobi Desert to the dramatic sandstone buttes of New Mexico, the film will follow American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) paleontologists as they explore some of the greatest dinosaur finds in history. Through the magic of scientifically accurate computer-generated animation, these newly discovered creatures, and some familiar favorites, will come alive … in a big way!

When Dinosaurs Roamed America

Dinosaur Week

This Emmy-winning dinosaur documentary takes viewers back in time and presents the most well known of American dinosaurs in their day to day trials and fight for survival.


Dinosaur Week
Did you know that dinosaurs lived under water in Georgia? This GPB special speaks with experts across the state to find out what life was like for these incredible creatures.

Watch all of the Georgiasaurs programming from Dinosaur Week here!

Georgia Stories

Dinosaur Week
Georgia Stories Website

Paleontologists have scoured Georgia for decades looking for dinosaur fossils. Georgia Stories this week gives an overview of five kinds of dinosaurs that experts believe existed in Georgia over 150 million years ago.