1970's California. The headlights were blinding. I could only hear, not see, the voice booming from the stage below. It was Black Panther activist,
Angela Davis.

The fear was palpable. Six cars were driven onto the outdoor stage and pointed at the audience, headlights on! We were all bathed in blistering white light and could barely see the stage. Angela Davis and other Black Panther speakers were clearly not feeling the love.

And perhaps with good reason. We forget what a volatile time it was when Black Panthers, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale called for a "Revolutionary War".

The Panthers created armed citizen patrols to guard black communities against police abuses. The FBI saw danger and moved in on the Panthers.

We all need to remember this time because there are so many parallels to the racial unrest we are living through today.

So join me Tuesday, February 16, 9pm-11pm on GPB, to watch our new documentary, "The Black Panthers: Vanguard of a Revolution." Living though history does not mean you understand all that was happening.

This eye-opening documentary helps bring that history into clearer perspective. Please take a moment and watch this preview:

The Black Panthers from executive office on Vimeo.