Braincraft is a show that takes a look at psychology and neuroscience. Host Vanessa Hill brings up everyday topics like how we develop accents to why certain colors are used in advertisements. Check out some of the episodes on GPB:

  1. What Makes Someone A Night Owl? | There are morning people, or people who are more energetic in the morning and there are the night owls, people who are more productive at night. So what is that determines whether you’re a morning person or a night person? This pattern in your sleep/awake cycle called a “chronotype” and affected by your genetics. It also has some interesting effects on your health, from how agreeable and provocative you are to how much you eat and drink.

  1. Do You Own Your Own Cells? | Do you actually own the rights to your biological material? Many researchers are using our cells to create new treatments and medicines that saves millions of lives. But should people be able to give consent to their cells being used for research?

  1. The Evolutionary Advantages Of Art | Vanessa Hill sits down with The Art Assignment host Sarah Urist Green to chat about science, art and evolution. The evolutionary trail that led us to be the alpha predator of the earth also contributed to some very interesting skills.

There are even more great episodes of Braincraft on GPB and the GPB Now app.