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Take A Look At Our New Show Rare On GPB

Rare: Creatures Of The Photo Ark, takes us around the world with photographer Joel Sartore as he captures at-risk species in the wild, the zoos and the nature preserves. Sartore explores his Photo Ark initiative which helps reveal why protecting the future of endangered species are important.

In Episode 2 of Rare, Joel Sartore is in Spain photographing the exotic Iberian Lynx, then goes to China to see the Yangtze giant softshell turtle. Sartore also hopes to get a glance at the Cross River gorilla as he goes to Cameroon. 

In Episode 3, Sartore add insects to his Photo Ark then treks to Budapest and Prague to search for bigger creatures. When Satore gets to New Zealand, he becomes a part of a Rowi Kiwi egg rescue. 

You can see what animals Joel Sartore adds to his Photo Ark on and the GPB Now App.