On Second Thought is a daily news talk show hosted by Celeste Headlee of Georgia Public Broadcasting. The show covers issues important to Georgia from healthcare to culture. They bring information, not just talking points, and are always open to opinions from the Georgia community. Here are some of the top stories you can find on the show:

Savannah’s Jewish Heritage: On July 11, 1773, Jewish settlers arrived to Savannah. Author Jonathan Rabb explores the difficult transition the Jews faced in his novel, “Among the Living,” and talk about his findings about Jewish communities in Georgia.

Cleaning Up Georgia’s Drinking Water: Last week, many Atlanteans were given a “boil  before using” warning concerning an undetected lead contamination in some Georgia waterways. A recent study by the Natural Resources Defence Council shows Georgia leads most states in water violations, mainly in rural areas. On Second Thought talks with Erik Olson, the group’s health program director.

Takenobu Breathes Fresh Life into the Cello: Atlanta cellist Nick Ogawa, also known as ‘Takenobu,’ uses loops and percussive sounds to create thick soundscapes in his new album, “Reversal.” On Second Thought catches up with Takenobu before his performance at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Thursday night.

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